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IDRT – A Proforma Johnston customer making the world a better place with technology!

19 Jan

So –
Recently our friends at IDRT ( were appearing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Headed by Corinne Vinopol, IDRT (the Institute for Disabilities Research and Training) is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities, their families, and service providers through research and development, training, technical assistance, and advocacy.

Since they got some nice PR while appearing at CES promoting their Acceleglove product, we thought we’d share some of the buzz here.
Congrats to everyone on the IDRT team for doing such great work..!
Be sure to click through to the article below from Engadget where they demonstrate the Glove, and talk with Jose Hernandez-Rebollar the inventor!

Hey, at Proforma Johnston, we didn’t invent the Acceleglove, but we DID make sure the inventor had a nice logo shirt for his trade show appearance. 🙂
Helping our clients get their message out, that’s what we do.

Here’s a link to their blog post from the CES show floor!

Here’s a link to the product…