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Fall 2015 Bag – links and support info

21 Sep

Greetings Proforma Johnston friends –

Welcome to our favorite time of year!
There are so many opportunities for marketing “touches” to your clients each fall as we approach winter..

Here’s our great links that can help you quickly find the right catalogs and collections containing this years ideas!

  1.  The holiday card program
    Our holiday card program is great.  If you didn’t receive this catalog from us yet this year, or if you misplaced it –
    here’s a link that shows theses cards.  These cards are WONDERFUL…and you can order the super custom cards – that all have premium features like silver/gold foils, custom logos, and even die cuts – in qtys down to 25 without going broke.Check it out here:
  2.  Calendars  – the idea of doing CALENDARS is so retro – we love it and clients do too.   Just think – how else for under $2.00 can you have your customer almost CERTAIN to have your message and contact info staring at them all…year…long….for less than $2.00?   It’s a no brainer – and our collection has lots of fun photo themed calendars you can customize and send to your clients –
    Take a look – and there’s all kinds of desk and utility calendars, too..
  3.  Last but not least -we have many other great holiday ideas for you to if you’d like to browse…from our partner SWEDA USA…just click here for some new great ideas you might like for customers, employees, or vendors.  Remember, it’s the season for GIVING and these gifts may help you to stand out from those that deliver a last minute item from Costco – these look more “well thought out” – isn’t that what you want?  🙂

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