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Oscar Night 2012!!

22 Feb

Thanks for stopping by..!
You may have received our 2012 Oscar Night Enjoyment Kit..
Perhaps that’s why you’ve landed here.

Here’s the video part of that gift package we sent:

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Spring 2012 Promo ideas…

22 Feb

Hi All…
Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, you received our Spring 2012 Promo bag and that’s why you’ve arrived here.
We’ve spend the first part of 2012 putting some ideas together, check the video out below that goes with the bag we brought out:

As promised, here’s some of the products featured in the video above:
The Brewzkey:

The Nike Dri-FIT polo:

The BrandCharger:

The dancing Flowers/Bugs:

Spring and Summer is just around the corner!
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