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IDRT – A Proforma Johnston customer making the world a better place with technology!

19 Jan

So –
Recently our friends at IDRT ( were appearing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Headed by Corinne Vinopol, IDRT (the Institute for Disabilities Research and Training) is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities, their families, and service providers through research and development, training, technical assistance, and advocacy.

Since they got some nice PR while appearing at CES promoting their Acceleglove product, we thought we’d share some of the buzz here.
Congrats to everyone on the IDRT team for doing such great work..!
Be sure to click through to the article below from Engadget where they demonstrate the Glove, and talk with Jose Hernandez-Rebollar the inventor!

Hey, at Proforma Johnston, we didn’t invent the Acceleglove, but we DID make sure the inventor had a nice logo shirt for his trade show appearance. 🙂
Helping our clients get their message out, that’s what we do.

Here’s a link to their blog post from the CES show floor!

Here’s a link to the product…


Another day on the show floor, PPAI Expo 2012 – with some of the best, and our favorite people in this business!

5 Jan

It was a really fun day.
First of all, we’re working really hard –
but we’re finding time for some fun too.

Today, because of a special customer request back home, we wanted to check in with our new dedicated Proforma rep from SnugZ – – Brittany David. SnugZ has really been doing some great recruiting recently as far as we can tell (see previous post!!)
Walt and Brittany review the basic lanyard options, including some stretch and full color options with unique attachments!

Later in the day – we finally got to one of our most important reasons for being here – we got to meet with our team at BulletLine..! When we stopped by, “Agent Buster” who’s been helping keep prices low all year was there. Sean and Walt enlisted help from Agent Buster’s helper to run the camera, and get to make a rare joint appearance here:

One year ago, Megan Erber of Proforma MVPLP Jetline Promos made a post on facebook concerning a family in need, asking her colleagues to step up and donate clothing and other items. Our main man Walt Fales, for those of you that have not known him long, is literally one of the most charitable minded people we’ve ever met, it’s legendary in our circles. After seeing the post, Walt and his wife got involved, along with their church. Many other PPAI members got involved too, and it was a really nice thing. The rest of our team was TOTALLY unaware he was doing this until Megan brought it to our attention after the fact. This writer may be biased, but I think Walt and Megan are quite special people and we’re lucky to be working with them. WHAT A GREAT EXAMPLE FOR US ALL.
Walt wanted to make sure to come by and see Megan while we were are at the Expo this year, and we got a chance to catch up and chat with her on Thursday:

Once again, we’re rocking this PPAI Expo 2012 and are having a wonderful time with all the great people in our association. Thanks to all who have contributed to these reports…!!

More on our trip to #PPAIExpo 2012 – show floor open and new ideas all around!

4 Jan

Wow. What a day here at the PPAI Expo.
Today it was announced that our association has signed member company number 10,000. Getting a chance to network with this incredible group of marketing minds is the highlight of our year, and this year has been the most fun we can recall.

The day started with a powerful talk by Mark Kelly, space shuttle astronaut and husband of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Imagine the challenges of being on a plane, rushing to be with your wife after learning she’d been shot, and hearing on CNN (in front of your kids) that your wife was dead. And then not getting the corrected information for THIRTY minutes. Not fun..! He shared inspirational stories of recovery and hope – certainly any challenges we face on a day to day basis are somewhat put into perspective after hearing a story like this.

From there, it was time for the show floor to open –
it was really exciting, and based on our trip to the new product pavilion Tuesday night (thanks again SnugZ for sponsoring that!!) we knew right where we wanted to go!

First, we stopped in to see BRAND CHARGER –
this looks to be a great new product – a rare opportunity to market in the car. (and nothing to do with drinkware).
This product will certainly be a hit –
take a look here, we chatted with the manufacturer on the show floor:

During lunch, we caught up with an old friend Kathy Vichakchon Difrancesco..

and we learned she’s just joined the team at SnugZ (the favorite supplier of lanyards!!)
Here’s a press release from last month, goes to show you, we really should keep up with reading our Promo Marketing Magazine each month!!
This is a really cool development, as it puts one of our favorite reps together with one of our favorite factories!

However, most importantly, she and Paul from Eight Legged Media invited us THE coolest party at PPAI. This year, we feel like we’re making some great friends and we wanted to say a huge THANKS for the invite to the really nice party. The highlight….there were COCA COLA products…when you are on the south end of the strip, it’s wall to wall Pepsi (even at McDonalds…wow!!) and although they treated us to quite a spread of food and drink, I settled for some DIET COKE and great conversation with the some of the most interesting people in the association. PPAI rocks!!

Another interesting new supplier to our group we met today – Brewzkey. I got a chance to interview James Clinton, the inventor of this product.
I particularly like this one, because it looks really great, and the minimums are low. I’ll be suggesting this to several clients back home soon. Take a look:

Late in our day, basically after coming in to steal a chocolate sample (it’s really good!!), we got into a conversation with Rhonda Delaney. She had so many good things to say and made us think…we had to break the camera back out!

There’s more to come…it’s been a great Expo-

Networking and research at #ppaiexpo – – PPAI Expo 2012

3 Jan

It was a busy day here at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.
We sure hope you folks back home are getting your 2012 off to a great start, we are exploding with great ideas about branding, about promotional ideas, and we’re filled with the energy of meeting inspirational colleagues here at the biggest promotional marketing event in the world.

The day started off warm and clear. From the Proforma Johnston suite at the Luxor next door, we had a birds eye view of the Mandalay Bay in all it’s glory as the sun came up!

During the day, the best and brightest of PPAI shared strategies, trends, and ideas for 2012 that we listened intently to, and have many ideas to bring home.
Here’s Walt in the Opening General Session Tuesday afternoon –

During this session, we had the honor and privilege of hearing a fabulous guest speaker – Mr. John Foley, former lead solo pilot of the US Navy’s famous “Blue Angels”. PPAI and it’s members were encouraged to continue on our path of trust, alignment, clarity and commitment. We were truly “glad to be here”.
John is a remarkable human being – we personally witnessed him stay behind for more than an hour after his talk had concluded answering questions and giving of himself. On behalf of all PPAI members John, thanks for your contribution to PPAI Expo 2012!!
Here’s some of John’s philosophy…
check it out here:

Here’s Sean, reporting from the South Seas ballroom right after this talk.

Later in the evening,
we attending the “New Product Pavilion – Sneak Peak” which was generously sponsored by SnugZ, a premiere source for Lanyard products and a great PPAI member company. Here’s a link to their website…
We can provide all of their products to our clients, as they are a Proforma Johnston preferred partner.

Here’s Walt again, reporting from inside the Sneak Peak!

One of the BEST parts of being in PPAI is the opportunity to network with our colleagues in the business from all over North America. Walt caught up with Lisa Cohen from Sparks Promotional Products in Lafayette, CA and exchanged notes about the PPAI Expo in front of a fairly popular Mandalay Bay landmark!

Live from the SouthSeas ballroom at Mandalay Bay!

3 Jan


We’re live at PPAI Expo 2012 – in Las Vegas!

2 Jan

Once again – it’s that time of year!
We are out in Las Vegas attending the PPAI Expo 2012 –
this annual event where the best minds in promotional marketing come together is a fantastic source of inspiration for your Proforma Johnston team each year.
This is truly the premiere event in our industry!
Continue below the photo for some video and notes from today!


This year the Expo is a little earlier – running the first week of January! We thought it might affect turnout – but as you can see below with the hundreds of people pouring out of the educational and strategy sessions we attended today – not so!

One of the most interesting trends in marketing lately has been the incredible spread of mobile enabled technology, and how it’s revolutionizing all kinds of marketing, and communication/information sharing in general. We caught up with Christina “CK” Kerley right after her PPAI Expo session and have posted that video below. The takeaway from this session? If your websites, landing pages, customer portals, etc are not mobile friendly and robust – better get them that way…NOW.

By the way, CK was recently featured in a great article on this topic in BtoB Magazine – check it out –

At the end of a fantastic day here in Las Vegas, we’re getting some rest and catching up on some emails. Stay tuned all week –
Please give us a shout out from back home in the comments!