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Idea #3 – Use Promotional Goods as Holiday Gifts to your clients this year!

18 Sep

3. HOLIDAY GIFTS – How long do they stay around? What kinds of things should companies give?
It’s an interesting topic, see the video below for more:

You can see a copy of this year’s Proforma Holiday catalog as promised here:


1. Gifts to customers, members, employees, vendors, and partners are a great way to cement relationships.

2. Promotional gifts – ones that have a residual promotional value – are a great choice here for the lasting impact.

3. Proforma Johnston can make some excellent suggestions if you’re interested, just call us!

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Idea #2 – – Be the first to send a Holiday Greeting to your clients this year

18 Sep

It’s never a bad idea to remember your customers at holiday time.
But it’s also a marketing strategy!
See the video below:

The catalog Walt mentioned is in the link below:
A copy of this year’s selections can be browsed here:

1. Holiday Greetings – Don’t be a Grinch. Hard times make personal connections in business even MORE important. Sending a Holiday Greeting is a great way to strengthen relationships with customers, employees, vendors and partners.

2. A custom high end card looks great (doesn’t look like a “Wal-Mart” special).

3. The Proforma Holiday Card Program allows you to have this high end look even on small quantity orders.

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Idea #1 for End of Year – – – Send a Calendar to your customers this year!

18 Sep

One of the MOST often overlooked marketing ideas – – and one of the best – – is to use calendars to promote your organization.
Take a quick look at the video below!

Calendars are fantastic marketing as Sean was describing above.
Below is a link to our online catalog here if you did not receive it.
Take a look at them, here:


1. Calendars, for as little as $1, almost guarantee your logo/info to be at your customer’s desk for 12 to 13 months!

2. People LIKE calendars – – They THROW AWAY marketing mail, but they KEEP calendars for a year!

3. Top of mind awareness is vital to most marketing/branding efforts. Calendars support this very cost effectively.

4. Calendars are unique in that you can really only send them out once a year. SO – – Start planning now, don’t miss this great marketing opportunity “bang for the buck” this year.

Here’s some research to back all this up:

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Ideas for Fall 2011

18 Sep

Hello again…Thanks so much for stopping by.
Here are some GREAT ideas for fall – – are you ready to close out the year?

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